agostino iacurci



Agostino Iacurci (1986) is an Italian-born, Berlin-based artist.

His practice embrace a wide range of media: painting, wall-painting, sculpture, drawing, printmaking.

In his works of synthetic forms and bright colors, through an essential language, he is capable of driving multiple layers of interpretation. This approach places his tales on the perennial threshold between innocence and artifice, serenity and catastrophe.

His works have become landmarks for several public and private institutions such as: Yakutsk Biennale, Yakutia, 2017; BBDO headquarter, London, 2017; Distrito Tec University, Monterrey, 2016; Govind Puri Metro Station, New Dehli, 2016; Istituto Mario Penna, Belo Horizonte, Brazil; Puerto Rico's Stadium, Puerto Rico, 2015; “Le Tour 13”, Paris 2014; Besançon University Campus, Besançon, 2013; “Fubon Art Foundation”, Taipei, 2012; Saba School, Western Saharawi, 2011;  

His work has been shown in numerous exhibitions, festivals and projects in Europe, USA, Brazil, Russia, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Australia, Korea, Japan and Taiwan. Recent group exhibitions includes: Urban Art Biennale 2017, Völkinger Hütte, European Centre for Art and Industrial Culture, Germany; Cross the streets, Macro Museum Roma, 2017;  FADA, House of Madness, The Watermill Center, New York, 2016; 16° Premio Cairo, Palazzo della Permanente, Milano, 2016; Codici sorgenti, Palazzo Platamone, Catania, 2015; From Street to Art, Italian Cultural Institute of New York, NY, 2014; Artmosphere, Urban Art Biennale, Artplay, Moscow.



2017   Trompe l'oeil, curated by Vittorio Parisi, Celaya Brothers Gallery, Mexico City

2016   Long story shortDie Kunstagentin, Cologne, Germany

2015   Appearance and DisappearanceGalleria Patricia Armocida, Milan

            Wooden PlantsWunderkammern at YIA Fair, Carreau du Temple, Paris

            Selected worksWunderkammern at Scope Fair, Basel

2014  Match mismatch19 Karen Contemporary Artspace, Gold Coast, Australia

            Small Wheel Big Wheel,  Wunderkammern Gallery, Rome

2012  Tende a zero, Curated by Christian Omodeo, Teatro Palladium, Rome



2017   Noa Noaartist residency, Seminyak, Bali

            Topfpflanze, wall painting, CityLeaks Festival, Cologne

            A Choron, wall painting, Yakutsk Biennale, Yakutsk

            5 Teapots, wall painting,  Almetpublicart, Almetyevsk

            Ficus indica, wall painting,  Munich

            Mural sin nombre, Parees Festival, wall painting, Oviedo

            Madame Pink, set design for Alfredo Arias, Teatro Argentina, Rome

2016   Mas fruta, curated by Arto for Public Art Program of Distrito Tec, Monterrey, Mexico

            Skyline, Curated by Giulia Ambrogi for Start India and Italian Cultural Institute, New Delhi, India

            Aerial roots, curated by Jesse James, Walk and talk, Terceira, Azores

            Water Please, curated by Oleg Sosnov for Mural Social Club, Kiev, Ukraine

            Coincidences, Ensor Instituut, The Crystal Ship, Oostende, Belgium

            Painted Amphora, 214 Lafayette Project, New York

            Biblioteca Particolare, Salone Internazionale del Libro, Torino

            Plants do not collect vintage cars, Feature Walls, Sheffield

            ImmobileFestiwall, Ragusa

2015   WalterAll City Canvas Global Series, artist workshop and collaborative wall painting, Atlanta, USA

            Square Puddle, Curated by Erik Surmont for Le 4eme Mur, Niort, France

            Two landscapes, wall painting, Berlin, Germany

            Three wheels, Weaart, Aalborg, Denmark

            Milestone project, wall painting, Girona, Spain

            Mula Fest, wall painting, Madrid, Spain

2014  Los Muros Hablan, Contemporary Muralism Project, Bayamon, Puerto Rico

            Popup, Wall painting for Mario Penna Institute, Belo Horizonte, Brazil

            Memorie Urbane, artist residency and wall painting, Arce, Italy

            Sanba, curated by Simone Pallotta, artist residency and wall painting, Rome

2013  Living Walls Conference, curated by Monica Campana, Atlanta, US

            LGZ Project, curated by Street Kit, Moscow, RU

            Very Fun ParkFubon Art CenterTaipei

            Le M.U.R, Oberkampf,  Paris

2012  Septimo Asalto Festival, Saragoza, Spain

            MUUseum, Zagreb, Croatia

            Arte Urbana Lugano, Lugano, CH

            Bien Urbain,  Besançon, France

            Nizzart, Turin, Italy

            Memorie Urbane, Gaeta, Italy

2011   Outdoor, Urban Art Festival, Rome

Waves, urban art event, Civitavecchia, Rome

2010  Picturin Festival, International Mural Art Festival, Turin



2018  Zona Maco,with Celaya Brothers Gallery, Mexico City

2017  UrbanArt Biennale, Weltkulturerbe Völklinger Hütte

            Cross the streets, Macro Museum, Roma

            Nice to meet you, Die Kunstagentin, Cologne


2016  FADA, House of Madness, The Watermill Center, New York

2015  16° Premio Cairo, Palazzo della Permanente, Milano

            Codici sorgenti, Palazzo Platamone, Catania

2014  From Street to Art, curated by Simone Pallotta, Italian Cultural Institute of New York, NY

            Artmosphere, Urban Art Biennale, Artplay, Moscow, RU

            Scope Art Fair, Basel, Switzerland

            OFF Art Fair, Brussels, Belgium

            2013  Paragonecurated by Christian Omodeo, Galerie LJ, Paris

            La Tour 13, Curated by Christian Omodeo and Galerie Itinerrance, Paris

            Wave Festival, Aubange, Belgium

2012  Stroke art fair, Berlin

             Viaggio con figure nelle fiabe italiane di Calvino, Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Roma

2011   Un voyage illustré, Mediathèque d’Orly, France

             Lumen Urban Show, Wunderkammern Gallery, Rome

             Fresh Produce, Anno Domini Gallery, San Jose, California

             Synthesim, Centro Culturale Elsa Morante, Rome

2010  Ziguline Poster edition, Mondo Bizzarro Gallery, Rome

            Urban contest, Urban art event, Circo Massimo, Rome

            Imaginary Fairy Wonderland, The Special Exhibition of Bologna Select in Kaohsiung, Taiwan

            In fingers,extra space,International illustration group exhibition, Taipei Art festival, Taiwan

            Lumen, Arte contemporanea in cotroluce. Complesso monumentale S. Sofia, Salerno

            Bologna Children’s Bookfair, Bologna

            Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Roma

            Museo d’Arte di Itabashi, Tokyo

            Museo d’Arte Otani di Nishinomiya

            Museo Municipale di Yokkaich

            Museo d’Arte Ishikawa di Nanao

            Museo d’Arte di Nagashima, Kagoshima

            Gra, Giovani Artisti a Roma, Museo Pietro Canonica, Rome


           Ceci n’est pas un hotel, art & design exhibition, Nhow hotel, Milano

           Artconventional, International street art event, Roma

           Tapirulan, Salone degli Alabardieri, Cremona

           Absurdtime International exhibition, Rocca Paolina, Perugia

           Premio Sergio Fedriani, Museo di S.Agostino, Genova



2018 Artist Workshop, Accademia di belle arti di Urbino

2017 Festival di Internazionale, Ferrara

2016  Pictoplasma Conference, Berlin

2015 Artist Workshop, Museo MART, Rovereto




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