"Walter" a short documentary by Victor Celeya

The short film set in Atlanta, GA

"WALTER" emerges from an urban art mural production that was made last year in Atlanta. Originally intended to be a documentation of the process, we discovered how the lives of the people of the community influenced the final piece. Their personal stories immerse us in the history of the community and allow us to witness the sparks of hope in the younger generations.

We'd like to express our gratitude to Atlanta's Ben Hill Community for making this possible. 

Sunday book review on "La Repubblica"

Since the beginning of the 2016, I started a weekly collaboration with one of the leading Italian newspaper: La Repubblica.

Every Sunday I'm creating an image that comes along with the weekly book review on the paper edition you can find in the Italian kiosks and bookshops.

Long story short at Die Kunstagentin, Cologne

Happy to announce: LONG STORY SHORT | AGOSTINO IACURCI Solo Show

Opening: Exhibition: Hours: 17 March 2016 | 19-22h 18 March – 14. May 2016 Thu-Sat 12-20h

Die Kunstagentin | Anne Scherer, Maastrichter Str. 26, 50672 Cologne +49 221 888 99 099
For any infos and inquiries please contact: hallo@diekunstagentin.de 


The World of Interiors

On the February issue of "The World of Interiors" you can find a nice 6 pages article about my public works in Rome titled "The swim of things", featuring pictures by Bill Batten and text by Aliette Boshier.


The making of Appearance and Disappearance

After more then 6 months, the last of two monumental canvas I painted in April as part of my solo show at Galleria Patricia Armocida, installed in Piazzale Cadorna and Piazzale Loreto, Milan, have been removed. Very happy that they lasted more the planned and expected and looking forward to place them in a new location.

Here a little making of by Sha Ribeiro.

Anlaids, a wall mural to go

I've been asked from Anlaids and "The Trip Magazine" to create a 2x30m long mural to celebrate the 30th birthday of the first italian Association against AIDS.

The work has been painted on wood panel to be then sold to collect money to support the Anlaids cause. 

It will be presented Friday November 27, at Spallanzani hospital as part of an exhibition about the last 30 years of fight again the virus and the activity of Anlaids, presented at  MAXXI Museum in Rome.

Soon the pictures of the final installation.