agostino iacurci


Agostino Iacurci is an Italian-born, Berlin-based artist.

His practice embrace a wide range of media including painting, wall-painting, sculpture, drawing, printmaking.

In his works of synthetic forms and bright colors, through an essential language, he is capable of driving multiple layers of interpretation. This approach places his tales on the perennial threshold between innocence and artifice, serenity and catastrophe.

In 2009 he painted a 300 meters work for Saba School in Western Saharawi. In 2011 he took part in “Rebibbia on the wall” project, a partecipative art project in the prison. He painted, together with the inmates, a series of wall-paintings within the courtyard of the maximum security area. In 2012 realized a monumental painting over the Besançon University Campus, France. In 2013, for the “Fubon Art Foundation” in Taipei, he made an installation on a 21 store high skyscraper and he has been selected to represent Italy at “Le Tour 13” in Paris. In 2016, together with Italian Cultural Institute in New Delhi and Start India, realized the first, all-over monumental painting, on an Indian Metro Station. In 2017 he created the scenic design for the musical comedy "Madame Pink" by Alfredo Arias. In the same year he took part in Yakutsk Biennale, Yakutia.

His work has been shown in many exhibitions, festivals and projects in Europe, USA, Brazil, Russia, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Australia, Korea, Japan and Taiwan.



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